A Tribute to Pablo Huerta Jr. 2018

About Me: Spiritual grief life coach


Creating Tools you need to flourish at life:

 Creating your being to handle anything...This is our motto...Why wait till you have problems to be able to handle them well. Loosing Paul was life altering, so I decided to survive Sylvia, I went on a years journey in self-discovery and wisdom, after which, I came out of the ashes and into service of others...I am a mother of two girls, I am someone who lost her 28 years together partner in life....We lived a beautiful life, until an unexpected accident took Paul from us and we had to learn to put the pieces back together again and walk the path least traveled, and what emerged was conscious mourning to conscious morning, a tribute to a life well lived...I went to grief workshops and I learned the tools I needed to pull me out and keep me out of struggle and now I am able to be of service to others who need this kind of guidance...


Paul was my Life, I never imagined I would survive me

My experience led me to create positive mind set products to help me, may they help you as well...It led me to step into my highest self and let my divinity guide me...


From Grief to Joy

Loosing a loved one can be stressful and lonely, I made these products to help anyone going through the pain of moving on or getting through this life without their parter.  Joy does come eventually.