A Tribute to Pablo Huerta Jr. 2018

Thinking Greater Than Your Grief

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Paul Huerta Jr. and Sylvia together for 28 years...Two girls, many dogs...A Fairy Tale of a Life...Forever Grateful


Paul's death was a tragedy, and we also know that these bodies were not meant to live forever, it's just a sad fact...My heart brakes for those who aren't able to find their way out.  I loved Paul more than anything in the world, and I found a way out of the Hell of Grief...

How do you find your way back?



Grief is Messy and sometimes we need to know we will get through it....


Empowered Perception Practice


Are you tired of the GRIEF Game?

I was too, I decided I would change the game and I began to create resources to challenge me to identify my core beliefs and question them...continue reading

Free Challenge

I Created this 7 day challenge to Bring Awareness into the GRIEF Experience...

Here I introduce tools to help those who are ready to step into the awareness of the struggle and pain and return to the other side into JOY...in which I give challenge on in the Are you tired of the Grief Game? The section above this one.

I am ready for this challenge!

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You can't change what you are not willing to acknowledge...


About Me

I am Sylvia, and I am courageous in the face of grief, inspiring others to rise above their losses, living my highest self every moment of everyday...

I journeyed my way through grief, loosing my health, my job, my friends, and finally my spouse of 28 years to a head on collision...

I now develop courses and hold space in workshops to support those who need a way out of grief in a conscious manner...

I left the teaching industry to follow my passion of helping those in grief...

So if you feel you may benefit, then you found a starting place that will lift you up and inspire you to live your highest life on a daily basis...

In joy and kindness...-Sylvia-